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>> there has to be a free-market answer. we are out of time. that doesn't for us tonight. thank you for being with us. -- that does it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. greta: you are getting it whether you like it or not. will democrats step on an step over the republicans? the democrats ran through health-care reform without looking to republicans. we have powerful republicans, but do they have enough power to stop what people do not want. they go on record next. plus a boycott. the ceo of a nationwide push restore chain says he is for health care reform, but he is not for the ones that president obama wants. he disagrees with the president. 18,000 people organized on facebook saying to not buy from the skies store.
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-- this guy's store . and rush limbaugh is talking about a tv show. he tells you what have been coming up. town hall voters still want answers. >> cover deficit is tripling to $2 trillion. how are we going to pay for this? >> we do not know what is going on. >> i want universal health care for everyone. kretzer aarp -- >> aarp. they are not supporting this government option. [applause] greta: voters want answers on
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health care. they do not want the democrats to go it alone. congress should not approve a health care plan it is not bipartisan according to one poll. "the new york times" reports that democrats do not think the gop is going to cooperate on health care reform. they " obama emanuel as saying that the republican leadership has made a strategic decision. -- they quote rahm emanuel as saying this. >> we are focused on a process that continues in the senate with both parties. the president met with senator baucus on friday in montana.
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they discussed the progress that was being made among democrats and republicans in the finance committee. that is our focus. greta: the making republican member of the gang of six is working for a deal on the health-care bill in the senate. the white house has criticism by one senator as a sign that there is little hope of reaching a bipartisan deal. is that true? the senator joins us live. good evening. is there more hope of a bipartisan deal? >> i have not given up yet. i have not said anything new since we adjourned for the summer break that i have been saying for the last three months. for the white house to draw any conclusions other than what i told the president to his face, ascetic couple of things that were very important. -- i said a couple of things that were very important.
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it would help to get by partisanship if he would make a statement that he would sign a bill that did not have a public option for a government-run health plan. the second one was in response to a question he asked me about what i'd be go along with the democrats on the issue, i answered him the same way i have been telling a lot of people for several months that i would not go along because that is not bipartisan. when you have to have when you are putting 16 of our u.s. economy and dealing with health care -- one sixthsxth of our u.. economy in dealing with health care, is it has to deal with a lot of republicans and democrats. it must be bipartisan.
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i want to get a broad support among the republicans. it is the responsibility of senator baucus to get support among democrats. greta: which is on a statement saying no public option, what did he say? >> utilities said. he did not answer me. you bet the secretariat of hhs sane -- you have the secretary of hhs making certain statements this week. they get hopes up that maybe they want a compromise, and then you find out that it was like when we brought up the issue of taxing and exclusion. it looked like the white house might vote it but then they backed down. we do not know where the president's stance. that is part of our problem. greta: the set 3 publicans --
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you said republicans joined democrats is not bipartisan. what did he say about that? >> hea expressed appreciation about how we are working together. there was nothing definitive in his statement. greta: at 9:00 p.m. tomorrow night you and part of the finance committee have a teleconference with the republican members of the so- called gang of six. >> yes. we do not want to waste the whole month of august in our talking together to try to reach an agreement. greta: what do you think is the most important issue tomorrow night. what you expect to put on the table? >> it is not quite that easy. i think we are going to have a
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general discussion among the six of us. what are we learned from our town meetings, because there is strong feeling at the grass roots that you can express during a town meeting. there will be some analysis of that and whether that affects the situation. i would expect a little bit of negotiation talking on some minor issues. i do not think you can do much of the telephone of reaching a conclusion that is going to say we have moved a long ways tonight. that is not going to be possible tomorrow night. we will continue talking as we have, and i think that what comes out of it is you are still going to have a commitment to continue to talk, but who knows? august could make a big difference. when i say that, a lot of people in journalism like you have read things into it that i have not
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met. i hesitate to talk about it. you have town meetings, as you have to take that into consideration. you have to listen to your constituents or else you do not have democracy. greta: thank you. you just heard from the top republican 6 from the gang top. -- top republican from the gang of 6. it used to be the gang of 7. the dimming, senator hatch. what is the definition of bipartisan -- good evening, senator hatch. what is the definition of bipartisan? >> we are talking about one- sixth of the american economy. this is an important thing.
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both democrats and republicans -- the one reason i decided to leave the group is because i do not think they have given the democrats -- i do not think the democrats have given senator baucus a lot of flexibility to put something together. many are insisting upon a government plan. i cannot go for that. i do not know any republican who is for that. they seem to have some sort of a version of an employer mandate. if they do that, guess who gets hurt the worst? it will be the low income worker -- there will be a cut in pay, or they will lose their jobs, or business will go overseas. they are doing everything they can to push as many people into medicaid. some of the groups have said as many as 190 million people will
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be pushed into medicaid -- 119 million people will be pushed into medicaid which would be disastrous. what they really want to get to is to a single payer system or socialized medicine. that is what the democrats are all about. i cannot support that. greta: in terms of negotiators talking with president obama, what is the difference between him and president clinton in this situation? >> i have negotiated with everybody from henry waxman to ted kennedy. i have negotiated with both president clinton and president obama. i like every one of them. they have different perspectives than i do. we try to work together. when we do, will put the bill together for the modern generic
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drug industry and has ca-- it wn overwhelmingly supportive bill. we had a wide bipartisan support for the kennedy bill. it has worked amazingly well until they started pushing medicaid people into approach chip. they are trying to get us to a single payer system. if we go to that system. everybody in america will be very upset. look at canada. the leading canadian women on health care came out and said that situation is ready to implode. they cannot continue on the way they are going. that is a single payer system. greta: if senator kennedy is unavailable to vote and the democrats have all of these votes, it's going to pass?
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>> the democrats should be able to pass it because they have an overwhelming majority in the house and the senate. the only people they cannot control of the american people who are expressing their opposition to this type of thing. they have the ability to pass something. there are a lot of democrats who note -- medicare is $38 trillion in unfunded liability. it can go bankrupt within the next 10 years. you look at the budget and the deficit and the other things, outbreak are doubling the budgetary deficit -- we are doubling the national debt within five years and will triple its in 10 years. then they want to add to this the single payer system that is. to cost an arm and leg and will not do the job anyway. -- that is going to cost an arm and a leg and will not do the job anyway.
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why would we throw out a system that 85% of americans have and basically approval of and exchange it for 47 million people. those people, when you deduct the ones that could get insurance through their employers but not, and deducted the 11 million that qualify for chip or medicate but do not realize it or are not enrolled, give up those who will not purchase health insurance, and then some are illegal aliens, when you put that together, there is 50 million people. greta: i have to go. thank you. this is setting people on fire. rationing. do you think your medical care would be rationed? and rush limbaugh -- is the ful? is the ful?
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>> people do not want rationed health care, and that is my concern. >> limit the choice is that patients and doctors have. >> who in heaven's name are going to be the health commissioner's? how are they going to be picked? -- to be the health commissioners? how will they make these decisions for all of these different people in this room? greta: two questions. what is health-care rationing? joining us is steve moore, an editorial writer for "the wall street journal."
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here is the senate bill. do not confuse this with the house bill. all right, in the senate bill -- >> by the way, let me say, that is not theç whole senateç bil. there are sections that are missing. the committee has not actually -- the members of the senate, the public, and the press cannot get the whole bill of it. there are probably about 300 pages missing. greta: all right. is there rationing? >> the word "rationing" is not in that bill, and it is not in this bill, and they will deny it. if you look at some of the provisions. there is this whole idea of end up live counseling and so on -- greta: -- end of life counseling and so on -- greta: what people are calling
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"death panels." >> half of the cost of the health-care system, our people in the last six months of life, is hugely expensive -- our are people in the last six months of life. it is hugely expensive. teg is about this. a ranking committee member -- let me just tell you one other thing about this. greta: that is in the senate bill. the house bill does have that, as well. ok, the house does has ve that limitation. >> this would have put an end to the discussion, and the senate democrats voted it down, so that makes me think that maybe they
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do what rationing even though they keep protesting that they do not. greta: and you have got the house is saying no rationing, and then you have the senate say it may be rationing -- you have got the house saying no rationing, and then you have the senate saying maybe rationing. >> there is money in here for bicycle paths and urban farmer'' markets. greta: we have a lot to talk about, so we will talk about it tomorrow. up next, president obama and a very big telephone call. çwho did he call and why? çsenator rick santorum goes on the record. and is rush limbaugh leading radio? did the first lady made a bad fashion mistake -- is rush fashion mistake -- is rush
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute greta: ok, for some, the public option has gone over like a lead balloon. a secret weapons strategy to get health care reform? president obama -- a secret weapons strategy -- weapons
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strategy -- weapon strategy. >> the sab and fabrications put out there to discourage people -- these are fabrications put out there to discourage people. i am my brother's keeper, my sister's keeper. the wealthiest nation on earth, we are neglecting to live up to that call. greta: center rick santorum joins us. it is now framed as a moral issue -- senator rick santorum joins us. >> yes, they are throwing everything at this problem, and i would agree it is a moral issue. he quoted scripture duringç his talk,ç and i think there is an obligation for all of us to provide for our brothers. do not get me in trouble, greta.
1:24 am
but the question is, is in our obligation to provide? the catholic church has hospitals all over the country because they thought it was an obligation for them to provide it. is it really obligation for the federal government? then you are taking the obligation from the individuals and giving it to the federal government to provide care for us. and that is not, i would argue, a moral -- greta: i see most people would agree that we need to do something about our health-care system -- i think most people would agree. are they saying you are immoral because you have a different solution to the plan? that is what worries me. >> they are trying to raise this as moral high ground, and if you do not support the government takeover of health care or the president's plan -- one of the
1:25 am
things that they said is that abortion coverage is not in there. itç was veryç scripted. they had one girl asked about abortion, and they said that abortion is absolutely not covered. that is absolutely not true. there is nothing in there that says that abortion is absolutely not covered. it may or it may not be. the courts have been clear. they have done it with medicaid and other state bills. unless you say that abortion is not covered, and then it will be covered. they know that. one of the reasons you're seeing is anger out your is that people are looking at the reality of what is in the bills -- the reason -- one of the reasons you are seeing this anger out your -- here is that people are looking at the reality of what is in the bills. greta: the numbers in the house
1:26 am
and the senate, and he, himself, is a member of the same party, why does he care if it is bipartisan? >> he was going to be this transformationalç figure here n people together. he is not living up to his own image of himself, you know? no red america, blue america, just the united states of america. greta: if you are so driven to think something is right, does that not sort of supercede that? if this is so important and such a moral issue, which you not just take your legacy it -- would you not just take your legacy and say that you could not do those things? >> i do not think there is any way they can pass a purely partisan bill. there is no way that will get through there. greta: of the democrats in the senate, who is not going to vote
1:27 am
for it? >> the virginia senators are going to have a hard time voting for this. the arkansas senators are going to have a hard time voting for this. once you get to 60, you are including senators from not liberal states, and they are going to have a hard time. even max baucus is going to have a hard time to vote for that. is he is going to get this done in any fo@m that is realç refom in his mind, he is going to have medleys a few republicans to get this done to give democrats cover -- he is going to have at least a few republicans. greta: is it one single thing? >> you hear chuck grassley saying, "we have got to get rid of the public option." there is so much in these bills. it is so complex, and there are so many ways to skin this cat. greta: i realize it is huge.
1:28 am
if that were resolved, we could then be on to 50 million others. >> yes, an abortion would certainly be another thing they would have to deal with -- and abortion, would certainly be another thing. abortion's not covered in this -- and abortion would certainly be another thing. if abortions not covered in this -- this is their chance. the left has been waiting for this, a supermajority. they are not going to let this pass withoutç getting whp they want. greta: senator, thank you. >> my pleasure. greta: what about illegal immigrants? do they get health care under hr-3200? instantly, something happened that sure is not good for this
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greta: well, wait until you hear this. it is on facebook. 18 people on facebook are calling for a boycott of the nationwide grocery store chain all foods. the ceo says we do need health care reform but is not as liberal as some of his clientele. the host of a show of the fox business network joins us. tell us what is going on with facebook. >> the irony is he started the company about 30 years ago.
1:33 am
if he had positions what he had put in "the journal" when we were not considering health care, this would have been considered radical reform. here are eight ideas asç a including toward reform, -- he are eight ideas -- here are eight ideas that might be successful that i have, including tort reform. there is a boycott webpage set up, and they are calling this, get this, greta, a right-wing zealot. greta: this is ceo of whole foods, in 2007, he said he had enough money to live comfortably, so in 2007, he cut his salary down to $1 a year, and he donated all of the
1:34 am
proceeds from his stock option to charity. it does not sound like this is a person to stick it to the poor. >> he is a self-described libertarian. i do not know if that was anchoring people. not only was he taking $1, but he pushed through a need-based fund for wholefoods worker. q24, this has been considered a relatively progressive company. now, he comes out and has said that the government-run plan is not good -- here to fore, this has been considered a relatively --çç heretofore, ts has been considered a relatively progressive company. >> i do not know -- greta: i do not know if his ideas are -- there is something good about
1:35 am
someone who sees the problem and has eight what he thinks are really good ideas. then for having to dare to differ with a particular segment, they come out and try to kill his business, a business that has employed lots of people, and from what i can read, he seems like a pretty generous guy. >> by greg blache that included how free speech may not be so free -- i wrote a plot that said how free speech may not be so free -- i road 8:00 -- i wrote a blog. let's say this is successful by the boycotters' definition. who is going to get hurt? is mackey going to be heard? no. -- going to be hurt?
1:36 am
no. if you do not necessarily agree with the president's plan, you might be labeled wrong or a bad person. greta: if ç18,000ç people are trying to do this, and there are so many people across the country who need jobs, i would like to have somebody come out to say, "you know, he has run a good business and has been generous. go boycott somebody who is a rat, but this is not the guy." i do not i know if i agree with him, but this makes me want to shop there. >> if you press them on this kind of an issue, they kind of song and dance because they do not like to ruffle feathers. he had the guts to come out and make a stand, offer some
1:37 am
suggestions, and he is being slaughtered for it. hopefully there are enough people out there right now watching that could say, "hey, maybe we do not like mackey, but --" greta: i propose to reverse boycott. coachable foods tomorrow. -- i propose a reverse boycott. go to wholefoods tomorrow. here is what is coming up tomorrow on "the factor." bill: dennis miller. greta: that is miller time. ççwe report, you decide. plus, have you seen rush limbaugh animated on air? really animated? u.l..
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>> hello, everyone. from afghanistan, despite the debt, voter copperheads to the polls this hour to pick a new -- voters are headed to the polls to pick a new leader. several election workers were killed. six american soldiers who were
1:42 am
hoping to secure the polls were also killed. sources in a law enforcement say that michael jackson's personal physician could be charged with manslaughter. he admitted to giving jackson an anesthetic to help them sleep just hours before his death. investigators are holding off on arresting him after i l.a. searches for evidence. for all of your headlines, want to fox >> we have come to a point where it is more important to give illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants health care -- illegal aliens health care. how dare you? how dare you? >> and controlling the costs. greta: will the democrats' ç health careç plan cover illegal
1:43 am
immigrants? jon kyl said this. >> with the schip expansion, there were efforts to ensure that only eligible people would receive funding under schip, and illegal immigrants would not be eligible. the efforts to ensure that were defeated by democrats, given the fact that illegal immigrants receive care. they go to the emergency room, unfortunately, for most of it. it is a big burden on emergency rooms. greta: can explain a little more for us about what senator kilyl was saying -- can you explain a little more? >> giving health care benefits toç illegal immigrants and workers. çin the past, democrats have blocked efforts by republicans
1:44 am
to build in mandatory bands on health care being given to illegal immigrants to -- mandatory bans on health care being given to illegal immigrants. greta: suggesting that illegal immigrants will get health-care coverage under this request at this point, no. there is language in the house bill that would make it so that it would not apply. in the senate, it is expected to be the same kind of thing. greta: i assume that if someone came in from a car accident, an emergency, that is in all different thing. we do take people in the emergency room. >> yes, they walk into the emergency room and get whatever care they need. greta: let's say you walk into
1:45 am
an undocumented worker, and you have a cold. >> you would get some kind of care. that is sort of the rubble with it. even under existing law, you're able to give some level of care -- that is sort of the rub with it. greta: this whole thing is a real hot button item, this issue with the emigrants. there has been so much on the public option, but this is going to like people on fire. >> there have already been some protesters who have raised this at some of the town halls. as a niveneh majority of people believe that there is some kind of language in the house bill -- a significant majority of people believe that there is some kind of language in the house bill. greta: people have to accept on faith, is because it is so complicated. -- people have to accept it on faith, because it is so
1:46 am
complicated. çç>> people get concerned immediately and are concerned there might be something in it, because no one knows what is in the bill. greta: what i do not get is why do they want to pass a bill that nobody can understand. >> especially health-care language. greta: it will come back to haunt us if just for that reason alone. thank you. up next, the best of the rest. is rush limbaugh leading radio approved switching to tv -- leaving radio? switching to tv? and remember this guy? he became famous for saying
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greta: well, you have seen our top stories, but here is the best of the rest. rush limbaugh has a new gig. we told you that he is teaming up with karl rove to make an appearance on the hit show
1:51 am
"famlilyçç guy." >> people have been asking me, "how was it at the"the familyh guy" tapings yesterday -- taping yesterday?" and i nailed it. there is a group, following me around, tries to take over my radio show -- there is a group the -- groupie. greta: he was also talking about the aarp losing 60,000 members. >> losing 60,000 members. that is a good start.
1:52 am
we only have 40 million more to go. who would ever have thought that a democratic president could, çalong andç get 60,000 senior citizens to tell the aarp to go to hell? greta: what do you do if you have a smash hit song? you write another one, of course. the country singer got even with a guitar. he posted a song on youtube, and it went youtube platinum. a customer service agent done with the case. in "unuiteited breaks guitars," he tries to make amends. >> ♪ you do not think you do
1:53 am
i finally got to fix it for 1200 ççbucks united does not seem to make anything right we do not need to fight if you would just come to your senses accept the consequences that you let certain baggage handlers smash my property our friendship has been muddied united airlines' policy ♪ greta: if you like that song, you can download it.
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songs 3 is coming up. -- song three is coming up. and you can remember that president obama was accused of wearing "momçç jeans" to a ga and now michelle obama is getting it. -- to a game, and now, michelle obama is getting it. her critics are up in arms about it. speaking of arms, the first lady was also criticized for wearing a sleeveless down to the inaugural ball -- a sleeveless gown to the inaugural ball. still ahead, last call. britney spears talking about her political career. political career. but maybe she should
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greta:çç 11:00 is almost here. /flash the studio lights. britney spears decided to put on a bikini and pretended she was inside the oval office on "david letterman." >> number four -- >> america may have a more coherent fiscal strategy. >> number three -- >> put a man on the moon by the end of the decade. >> and the number one way the country would be different if britney spears were president? >> finally, somebody would pay some attention to m&a. greta-- to

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